Together with many economists, who have argued that agricultural development is the foundation for progress in poor countries, MKD consulting recognizes that a deep diversification from basic into agro-processing and services, including finance, is a vital element for long-term development of entrepreneurs in Ukraine. The deeper is the level of processing, the higher is our interest to assist with a contribution.  Even an ‘average Joe’ knows that agribusiness has a huge upside in Ukraine. This knowledge is derived from foreseen trends of global consumption and we have nothing to contradict it.

The challenge in industries related to nutrition has a binary dimension. The first is how to provide access to international capital targeted on a modernization and/or a ‘green field’ installation of agro-processing factories, logistical complexes, elevators and others CapEx with an understanding of needs and request in a working capital, OpEx. The second part of dilemma is about priority markets, export or domestic  customer segments; customer profiling; a value preposition; how to deliver products or services to  the targeted market; what resource and activity customer needs to grow and what it has to be undertaken.

Management should always keep in mind the cost structure and the revenue expectation. Sometimes, as a consequence of our focus on productivity by analyzing the workflow, structures and politics of a company, things can drastically improve quickly and smoothly. Such results can be obtained and MKD consulting remains ready to assist customers in this.