Energy sector and innovation

The role of energy efficiency in Ukraine can hardly be overestimated. We have to be mindful of this topic in order to sustainably run an energy business and to live in an energy rich society. Saving and production of energy, exploiting electro-vehicles as a ‘reinventing wheel’, low-carbon energies and even environmental politics and the new energy morality, all of these bring about the question regarding the future, main players, customers and forces that make the energy sector go round.

Keeping eyes peeled on disruptive technologies as a side course, MKD consulting is proficiently specialized in attracting finance and partners to run projects in this sector. Different energy sources may be chosen: power comes from sun (solar energy), the power of vegetation (biomass and biofuels, pellets), wind power, force of waves (water), thermal, both renewable and traditional sources (oil, gas, coal, new things in electricity). Our affiliates are “techno-savvy” specifically in solar and biomass energy, cogeneration, bowlers and pylorus’s systems, electro-grid and connection, aspects of technological design and in engineering.

If some company is planning to build up a new power plant or provide a scope for existing technology, to renovate the technological line or put a modern technology in practice, such companies  should  be considered as a premium customer for us  to verify projects of their interests. The project has to be sizable, no matter which renewable fuel or territory has it bases in. The large utility companies are not a core customer for us, albeit exceptions can be considered.