Transportation and Logistics

Improved communication and transportation means that companies can spread their processes and activities around the world, performing each step in the most advantageous location. Companies can carry out design and marketing processes in Europe, US, in India (,) or in China and supply a network of agents and distributors across the globe. A quiet revolution has taken place in the freight industry, due to the trend towards containerization and the emergence of trans-global freight integrator. Due to a drop in transportation costs dropped there is an increasing number of marketing channel options and entry to many different countries. While sea fright still takes the lion’s share, air freight is critical to high value product exporters. In addition to these improvements in the physical movement of goods, Logistic information system have been developed reducing clearance time and eliminating paperwork.

We can’t afford to ignore the progress the world makes, so as a significant financial adviser, we want to and are more than capable to assist in implementing modern trends in Ukraine. On top of this, MKD consulting provides services referring to the preparation of a strategy or its elements in this regard.  Having said that, we mean, just illustratively, a comparative analysis of best usage of options (such as ‘best usage of land’, industrial parks); we are working closely with professionals and associates who are involved in transportation and Logistics’ items for many decades. The urban transport development is an area where we specifically have an extensive knowledge of ‘In House’ expertise.