Export growth development

Exporting can increase the level of growth, productivity and provide greater economies of scale. Research in the UK has previously shown, the companies which export typically see a 34% increase of productivity in their first year of exporting and are 11% more likely to survive. Exporting can also enable the spreading of risk. Having an international presence can also add to the domestic credibility of a business. Most industry/market sectors are driven by a few key players, and these tend to be large, well-established organizations. Within each market sector there are market niches, where there are fewer players. These can be companies of almost any size whose business is built on a specialist product, skill or service.

When it comes to Export growth development, the task of MKD consulting is generally determined by the needs of our clients. Such items may involve an identification of what to differentiate, as long-short term strategy while setting priorities. We can very selectively assist or/and operate as an interim Sales Director, traveling to set up meetings and promoting products. By definition, smaller and middle-sized companies generally have fewer resources and so they open to consider services offer of MKD offers that will specifically help their international development. In addition, within our network and contacts associates we may have individuals who deliver skills and experience that our customers may not possess, so we can outsource them, provide referrals or introduce to Associate.