Value Proposition

What do we do differently?

We are specialized in consulting:

  • To provide our service to both Ukraine based customers and International based investors;
  • To assist with the development of the client’s business model from the client’s perspective;
  • To develop a method of calculating, in order  to create a value for our clients – Return of Investment, Faster Payback, Better risk assessment, Fair and ‘Unfair’ advantages;
  • To set a revenue target for each customer. Then review and refine based on the outcome – what worked well? What didn’t work? What can you improve? – Test it again!
  • To focus on medium size businesses – who recognize that they require help; want a smart expertise; recognize that they don’t necessarily  know everything; need to grow; are willing to develop and to be opened to fresh insight on business;

Unlike many companies in management-consulting and financial consultants, MKD is a consulting company builds on an excellent network with experts who deliver us a proven ‘In-House Expertise’ in chosen sectors, on the one hand. On another hand, MKD deals with some international financial advisory companies, investment funds and strategic operators on a regular base. Both factors let us provide customers assistance with any related requests that may arise.

Value Proposition

“Real” value lies in that MKD consulting creates for our client an ability to facilitate financial investment projects based on team’s experience and expertise as well as our partners – matching access to the “right” capital (in fact, Investment partners/ sources of funding) and “right” expertise for each project based on client needs. Export-Import growth development is a specific value of our service.

Our advantages:

  • Scope and Upside of projects

  • Access to the capable domestic partners

  • Western style of an 'In House' expertise

  • Diligent and tailor-made solutions

  • The professional team and an execution of commitments