Consulting & Expertise

About our Consulting & Expertise:

  • As a financial adviser, MKD is organizing project financing; we help companies to plan their financial future. We meet with clients, usually in person, to provide informed, unbiased advice;
  • As a financial adviser, considering a client’s income and circumstances, MKD recommends products and strategies to help clients to meet their financial and other goals;
  • As a financial adviser, MKD reviews a company’s financial system and evaluates its business plans, marketing mix, route-to-market, to help them to identify ways & sizes of raising money grow;
  • As a management consultant, in this role, we examine a client’s company’s working methods and strategies, applying our own expert knowledge to help solve a variety of business problems;
  • As a strategy consultant, MKD analyses business and provides advice on issues, such as how to improve the value of the company’s shares/entity, or how to diversify the company’s activities, or how to ensure the best usage of land and other assets;
  • As a strategy consultant, MKD works closely with senior management and owners, founders.
  • As an operations consultant, MKD focuses on helping the company to improve its productivity by analyzing the workflow between employees, and looking at company’s structures and processes;
  • As an operations consultant and a shareholder’s agent (within SPV), we are engaged in collaboration with equity partners, banks, industrial leaders and insurance companies. MKD stays in touch with a strong engineering company, and proven capital providers;
  • As a wealth manager, MKD helps wealthy individuals to invest their money with the aim to bring as the highest possible return on their investment as possible with full understanding of the risks.