Energy sector and innovation

The role of energy efficiency in Ukraine can hardly be overestimated. We have to be mindful of this topic in order to sustainably run an energy business and to live in an energy rich society.


Together with many economists, who have argued that agricultural development is the foundation for progress in poor countries, MKD consulting recognizes that a deep diversification from basic into agro-processing and services, including finance, is a vital element for long-term development of entrepreneurs in Ukraine.

Transportation and Logistics

Improved communication and transportation means that companies can spread their processes and activities around the world, performing each step in the most advantageous location.

Export growth development

Exporting can increase the level of growth, productivity and provide greater economies of scale. Research in the UK has previously shown, the companies which export typically see a 34% increase of productivity in their first year of exporting and are 11% more likely to survive.

Disruptive technology and IP

Extraordinary improvements in IP (patents, copyrights and trademarks), information and communications technology (ICT), energy efficiency, agri processing etc. mean that companies can identify opportunities for growth and manage global activities in a way that was unimaginable only a few years ago.