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Investors underestimate the potential of mid-sized business in Ukraine

Investors underestimate the potential of mid-sized business in Ukraine

 These days the main aim of any Ukrainian company is to survive in conditions of increased economic risk, independent of whether the company is a large agricultural holding or an average agricultural producer. The high level of debt, the scarcity of working capital and the outflow of investments are just a small part of the list of the risk factor. The director general of “MKD consulting”, the expert of the Reanimation Package of Reforms, PhD in Technical Science, Michael Prazyan, gave an interview to IA “APK-Inform” telling how to reduce their influence and reverse the situation into a positive one.

- First of all, Michael, tell us, please, what kind of service does “MKD consulting” offer? What is the share of agriculture in the total volume of provided services?

 - In general, the management consulting services of MKD consulting to our clients helps them to boost a development. Mainly as a preparation to attract investments or loans, we support our clients to improve of theirs business processes, models, marketing activities, etc. Sometimes, to sell theirs business is only thing that our clients wanted from us. That is why our company is specialized, as well, in providing clients with services of investment consulting. Today about a third of “MKD consulting” clients associate themselves in some way to agribusiness.