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Summary Report: Stakeholder Engagement Public Consultation

          Energy Lending Facility (USELF). The USELF is aimed at providing development support and debt finance to renewable energy projects in Ukraine, which meet required commercial, technical and environmental standards. In co‐operation with the Ukraine's national authorities, the USELF has commissioned a Strategic Environmental Review (SER) focusing on renewable energy technologies in selected areas of the Ukraine. The purpose of the SER is to identify keyissues associed with renewable energy projects and provide a source of environmental and social data relevant to guide and inform later environmental reviews of specific projects.
          The SER evaluates the impacts of developing renewable energy projects on environmental resources, communities, and the economy. It also identifies strategies to avoid, minimize, and mitigate those impacts while moving projects forward. The SER was developed in compliance with the EBRD's Environmental and Social Policy and its Public Information Policy as well as being guided by the EU SEA Directive. EBRD considers stakeholder engagement as an essential part of good business practices and corporate citizenship, and a way of improving the quality of projects. In particular, effective community engagement is central to the successful management of risks animpacts on communities affected by projects, as well as to achieving enhanced community benefits. The USELF Stakeholder and Public Consultation process was specifically governed by EBRD's Environmental and Social Policy Performance Requirement 10 "Information Disclosure and Stakeholder Engagement" (PR10), which stipulates the requirements for information disclosure and stakeholder engagement.
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