Disruptive technology and IP

Extraordinary improvements in IP (patents, copyrights and trademarks), information and communications technology (ICT), energy efficiency, agri processing etc. mean that companies can identify opportunities for growth and manage global activities in a way that was unimaginable only a few years ago. Achieving a market presence, supporting a distribution network is multiple markets and offering customers after-sales support services are now within the reach of most companies through the application of information technology and IP. The rapid and pervasive influence of the Internet, mobile phones and tectonic processes that we call as ‘a third industrial revolution’ (for instance, an applications of smart-grid systems, unmanned and electro vehicles, other inventions/sources to produce gas) have brought about the ability to enter new markets and manage global customer basis at affordable costs for small as well as large companies.

IP rights refer to the things such as unique manufacturing process, engineering process, or perhaps a chemical formula, that is the pre-commercial product/service of intellectual activity. When it sets as an existing prototype or method, MKD consulting is delighted to assist in seeking investors and/or raising additional help for the next rounds (not seed rounds) in order to provide development of the prototype up to exit (M&A, IPO). To capitalize that internationally as a combination of tangible and intangible assets may be a subject of a selectively punctuated interest to a customer.